Giving Your Baby Opportunities to Play With Other Children

If you want your baby to acquire good social skills from an early age, you need to give him opportunities to play with other children. However, that is not as easy as it sounds. As you will soon come to discover, you really have to go out of your way, and use certain (deliberate) strategies, […]

Selecting a Pediatrician for Your Baby

What are some of the important things to consider while selecting a pediatrician for your baby? That is the question we will be attempting to answer in today’s article. We do this knowing that every new parent in today’s world is likely to find herself (or himself) having to select a pediatrician, to be taking […]

Comparing Your Baby With Others

As a parent with a young baby, you will, from time to time, find yourself being tempted to compare your baby with others. This is not something to be ashamed about: it is part of being human. You will, for instance, tend to find yourself being inclined to compare how your baby is doing, compared […]

Preparing a Budget for the Baby

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a young couple. The young couple are expecting their first baby soon. As we chatted on various issues, the conversation inevitably turned to the baby, who is expected in a month’s time. The eager soon-to-be parents were seeking my advice, on how they should go about preparing […]

How to Ensure That Your Baby Grows Into a Happy Human Being

There are certain things you can do, to ensure that your baby grows into a happy human being. Some people imagine that babies grow into happy (or unhappy) human beings by chance. But the truth is different. Whether your baby grows into a happy or unhappy human being depends to a great extent on how […]

How to Deal With Baby Tantrums

One of the biggest challenges for parents with young babies is on how to deal with tantrums. Babies are bound to throw tantrums. That is how they communicate. With older children, there are many options that can be used in dealing with the tantrums. But with babies, who are still young and delicate, one has […]