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Choosing Paint for Your Baby’s Nursery

eco friendly paint


By Michelle LaRowe.

Painting the nursery is a right of passage for expecting parents. Soon-to-be mom and dad’s spend countless hours choosing the perfect color, shade and hue for their baby’s bedroom.

For dads who are concerned about the safety of painting with an expectant mom in the home, they can worry no more.

Green, organic or otherwise known as eco-friendly paints are becoming more and more popular. In fact, many expecting parents are now choosing strictly green paints when it comes to colorizing their baby’s nursery. They are doing this for the simple fact that these paints are now billed as safe for pregnant women (some brands even put it on their label).

So what makes these paints safe? Unlike their traditional counterparts, organic paints do not have harsh solvents (otherwise known as volatile organic compounds -VOCs) in them. Solvents give paint their texture and consistency and make it easy to work with. As traditional paint dries, VOCs are released into the air (this is the fresh paint smell that often causes dizziness and nausea to those whom inhale it).

In green paints, these harsh solvents are replaced with non-toxic, synthetic alternatives that reduce or eliminate VOCs altogether. As a result, the fresh paint smell, which is caused by traditional paint “fumes”, exists no more.

So when you’re making choices about painting your soon-to-be baby’s nursery, consider using a green paint. Your partner will certainly thank you!

This article was written and submitted by Michelle LaRowe, author of A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists and Content Manager for http://www.daddybluez.com




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