Getting Health Insurance for Your Baby

It is generally a good idea to enroll your baby for a health insurance plan as soon as possible. It is worth remembering that a baby is likely to start incurring health-related bills as soon as she is born. In the first month of the baby’s life, there will definitely be several visits to the pediatrician’s clinic for checkups and vaccinations. These are likely to cost quite a bit of money.  Furthermore, new born babies are prone to all manner of (unexpected) health challenges. Dealing with these inevitably costs money. If you are paying for these things out-of-pocket, you can easily get drained. That is especially alarming when you consider the fact that these costs would be coming so soon after having paid the maternity fees.

So, how exactly are you supposed to go about getting health insurance for your baby? Well, much depends on whether you have health insurance coverage through an employer or not.

If you are under health insurance coverage through an employer, the most important thing will be to add the new baby to your plan as soon as the baby is born. So this will be just a matter of going to your employer’s HR portal (where your benefits details are accessible), logging in, and updating your plan to include your new born baby. For instance, if you are working for Delta Air Lines, it would mean going to the delta extranet, logging in there, and going ahead to update your plan (specifically the beneficiaries) to include your baby. But it is not always straightforward. Sometimes for instance, there are delays in getting a birth certificate and social security number for the baby. And the health insurance plan provided by your employer may be one of those that put a limit on the number of dependents that can be added. So it gets complicated if you had already reached the maximum number of dependents, before the new baby…

What if you don’t have health insurance through an employer — or if you have reached the maximum number of dependents for your employer’s health insurance cover? Well, in such cases, you may need to make private arrangements through which your baby can get health insurance coverage. There are some highly-affordable ‘child only’ policies that you can take for the benefit of your baby, if you are financially constrained.

What if you have absolutely no money, or if your income is constrained to such an extent that you can’t afford to make even the most basic private health insurance arrangements for your baby? Well, in such cases, it would be a good idea to consider seeking government assistance that is offered through programs such as Medicaid.