Giving Your Baby Opportunities to Play With Other Children

If you want your baby to acquire good social skills from an early age, you need to give him opportunities to play with other children. However, that is not as easy as it sounds. As you will soon come to discover, you really have to go out of your way, and use certain (deliberate) strategies, to secure your baby opportunities to play with other kids. Some of those strategies, which you can use to give your baby opportunities to play with other children include:

  1. Linking up with other neighbors who have babies: the objective here is to be in good terms with such neighbors, who have young babies. That way, your baby can be in a position to be playing with their babies. You can have a situation where your baby can be ‘straying’ into their house, even as their babies occasionally ‘stray’ into your house – with all those translating into opportunities for your baby to play their babies.
  2. Visiting friends who have young babies frequently: under this arrangement, you’d end up with your baby getting a chance to play with the friends’ babies, even as you (adults) chat. Even if your baby is aloof, and doesn’t actually get to play with your friend’s babies, the objective would still have been achieved. The objective is just to get your baby to be around other babies. Besides visiting your friends, you also need to make your friends understand that they are welcome to visit you with their babies as well.
  3. Visiting public parks frequently: these public parks are usually frequented by other families, with their babies. Thus, visiting the parks (with your baby in tow) can potentially translate into an opportunity for him to play with other babies who have been brought to the park by their parents. You don’t have to pressure yourself: you can just visit the parks whenever you have some free time. Like if, for instance, you work at Walmart, you can visit the Walmart staff portal, at, to see the times when you are scheduled to be on-duty and when you are scheduled to be off-duty. So you sign in at the Walmartone associate login page, then go to the work schedules section, to see the times when you are scheduled to be off-duty. You then use such time to visit public parks with your baby in tow — thus (potentially) giving him an opportunity to play with other babies.