How to Select a Cot for Your Baby

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. This means that your baby is likely to spend most of his time on his cot. And it therefore makes sense to ensure that you select the best possible cot for your baby: knowing that for quite a few months, that is where he will be spending most of his time. Some of the critical things to consider, while selecting a cot for your baby include:

  1. The cot’s depth: the idea here is to ensure that you don’t go for a very shallow baby cot. So the cot has to be deep enough to ensure that your baby doesn’t fall out of it.
  2. The cot’s mobility: the best cots, in this regard, are those that are equipped with wheels — for easy mobility.
  3. The cot’s versatility: the best cots, in this regard, are the ones that are also capable of being converted into toddler beds, as the baby grows.
  4. The cot’s mattress height settings: the best cots here are those that come with at least a couple of mattress height settings.
  5. The cot’s cost: baby cots vary considerably in cost. There are some that cost hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of dollars. And then there are others that are very cheap: cots you can get for tens of dollars. On the lower end, it is actually possible to finance the purchase of a baby cot using gift card funds! If, for instance, you have received a Visa gift card from an old friend, the funds in it may actually be enough to purchase a low-end baby cot. You just need to go to the Mygiftcardsite login page, sign in there, and check the card’s balance. If it is more than $50, that should actually be enough to buy a decent cot for your baby. As per the Mygiftcardsite guide, a gift card can hold as little as $10 and as much as $500 – so $50 isn’t a big deal. So what we are saying is that you can get a baby cot for pretty much every budget. But you shouldn’t necessarily go for the cheapest baby cot – but rather, for the one that is most ideal for your baby.