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The Real Answers to Ending Earache



By Christine Dionese, L.Ac MSTOM.

When an ailing child shows up at my office tugging on their ears, congested, cranky, spiking a fever and crying in pain, mom and dad look to me for fast answers. Although most earaches are caused by viruses, clinicians are still quick to prescribe antibiotics. While it’s a natural instinct to give a sick child medicine, holding off at first is the best bet for their still developing immune systems. To prevent recurring infections, it’s important to recognize the bodies ability to heal on its own.

Practitioners and parents; want to provide safe and effective relief for your young ones? Try these natural treatments to both harmonize immunity and boost resistance to future infection:

•    Acupuncture: For acute localized discomfort and enhanced immune function visit a Chinese medical practitioner to administer acupuncture treatment. I find that one treatment regularly provides relief for ear ache.
•   Probiotics: If your child has been treated repeatedly with antibiotics, strengthen their developing immune system with beneficial bacteria (one of the first lines of immune defense).
•   Glutathione Nasal Spray: Glutathione, an antioxidant involved in tissue health has been shown to break down the thick fluid associated with ear infections. Spray 300 mg twice daily for seven to ten days to break up stubborn fluid.
•   Garlic and Mullein Compress: soak a washcloth in warm water with garlic and mullein and place over child’s ear as a compress. Mullein and garlic mutually enhance the phytoceutical properties of one another to act as both a decongestant and pain reliever.
•    Garlic and Oregano Oil Ear Drops: For an internal approach to breaking up thick intra-auricular mucus that may be causing pain, administer a prepared oil of garlic and oregano to relieve inflammation.

This article was submitted by Christine M. Dionese, L.Ac MSTOM. Christine is an integrative health care specialist, medical journalist and speaker. She enjoys teaching parents how to become advocates while raising their families to live well in the modern world. Learn more about her dynamic private practice by visiting her lifestyle and wellness blog, Reaching Beyond Now (http://reachingbeyondnow.wordpress.com).



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