When Should You Introduce Your Baby to Discipline?

One question that we encounter frequently from new parents is the one as to when babies should be introduced to discipline. It is a difficult question to answer. For as we all know, babies are in a stage where they are supposed to be exploring the world, and trying to figure out what the limits are. Therefore, if you are not careful in the way you go about the discipline issue, there is a risk that you will interfere with the baby’s exploration. That would in turn potentially have an effect on how they turn out, intelligence-wise. Yet conversely, if you don’t introduce your baby to discipline early enough, you may have major difficulties trying to do so later on.

So, when is the right time to introduce your baby to discipline? Well, you need to start introducing your baby (gently) to discipline as soon as she starts exploring the world around her. Like, for instance, if she reaches out for something that she isn’t supposed to touch, you can gently pull her away. Or if she puts into her mouth something she isn’t supposed to put there, you gently take it away. Meanwhile, you need to aspire for a situation where the baby is fed at the same time every day, bathed at the same time every day, put to bed at the same time every day… and so on. The objective here is to introduce the baby to routines, because when you come to think of it, the world we live in is all about routines.

All these strategies can, of course, be very easy to implement, if you are the one who is personally taking care of your baby. But if you are leaving the baby under the care of someone else, then it can get very complicated. To deal with the situations as they arise, you can advise the person under whose care you leave your baby to be calling you whenever they need a clarification on anything. Here, you’d only have to cope with extra phone bills. Like if, for instance, you use Metro PCS, you’d find that the amounts you have to pay, at the metropcs bill pay portal are higher than was the case before the baby. Yet the extra metropcs bill payment you have to make is nothing, compared to the lifetime wellbeing of your baby.

All said and done, the question of when you should introduce your baby to discipline is as critical as the one on when you should introduce your baby to solid food. But if you have a positive perspective on discipline (rather than equating discipline to punishment), then you won’t have a problem introducing your baby to discipline at the earliest possible age.